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Tranzilli's Real Italian Water Ice Wholesale

Walk-ins welcome! We stock every flavor, all season. No need to call ahead, just swing by and walk out with a bucket in minutes.

**4 gallon pails contain approximately 65-70 small servings
**1 gallon party buckets contain aproximatly 17 small servings

We pass our savings on to you! All wholesale customers can take advantage of our bulk buying power on supplies such as spoons, napkins and serving equipment (Including deep freezers).

We take pride in our product quality and your customers’ satisfaction. We will personally train your staff about the proper handling, serving and maintenance of the product to reduce waste and increase your bottom line!

Tranzilli's experienced staff will manage the shipping logistics to ensure our product reaches a freezer warehouse near you, where it can be picked up at your convenience. WE SHIP NATIONALLY! Local customers receive FREE Delivery on qualifying orders.

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